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The list of actions with personal data to which the User expresses his consent: collection,
systematization, accumulation, storage, clarification (update, change), use, depersonalization, transfer
third parties for the above purposes, as well as the implementation of any other actions provided for
the current legislation of the Russian Federation in both manual and automated ways.
The Company undertakes to take all necessary measures to protect the User's personal data from
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5. Other provisions
5.1. Use of materials and services of the Site, as well as the placement of User materials on it,
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of this Agreement or related to it, are subject to authorization in accordance with applicable law
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5.2. Nothing in the Agreement can be understood as the establishment between the User and the Company of agency
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5.3. Recognition by the court of any provision of the Agreement invalid or not subject to
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LLC "Reasonable House", 300026, Tula, st. Ryazanskaya, 20, office 311, Phone: +7 (4872) 23-51-50,
Seamless integration with cloud services via MQTT protocol
Built-in development environment
Possibility of connecting expansion modules and sensors
Integration with SCADA industrial systems via Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP protocols

DRM88ER Internet controller

The IIot-controller is designed for automation and monitoring of climate in server rooms, telecommunication containers, storages. The modules are designed for remote control via MODBUS RTU via the RS485, MODBUS TCP, MQTT, REST API bus. Web server via Ethernet network is for switching loads, controlling drives, measuring signals from analog and discrete sensors.
13 000 ₽
Made in Russia
• Embedded WEB server using HTML5
• Custom GUI Settings
• Connecting expansion modules and sensors
It possesses 8 relays by 16A each and 8 discrete or analog inputs
Modern protocol for the MQTT Internet
Autonomous work via embedded scripts
Embedded WEB interface
Made in Russia
Designed and manufactured in the city of Tula
You can ask any question you are interested in about the product or terms of delivery
Our qualified specialists will definitely help you.
DRM88ER Internet controller
13 000 ₽
WEB interface
It has a built-in HTML5-based WEB server with a customizable set of pages. User can customize their own graphical interface.
The interface has two pages:
User page for controls
Module settings page
Download documentation:
Technical description
The modules have the following features:
The modules have 8 inputs, working as discrete or analog ones
Measurement of 0-5V analog signals via built-in 12-bit 8-channel ADC
Operating conditions
Air temperature from 0 ° С to + 60 ° С
Relative humidity up to 90%, without moisture condensing
Atmospheric pressure 600 - 900 mm Hg
A room that does not contain aggressive or explosive substances in the air
Download documentation
An important function of the IIoT controller is the ability to use embedded scripts, thanks to which the module can perform certain logical operations via interacting with remote equipment. Sensors and expansion modules can be connected to the Internet controller via Modbus RTU. The module connects to Alice - a voice assistant via MQTT. It integrates with HomeKit via HomeBridge.
Automatic calculation of coefficients of analog inputs
Modules are connected to the RS485 bus and to power supply via 4-pin terminal block
Modules are connected to the Ethernet network
The module can be controlled via MODBUS TCP exchange protocol, MODBUS RTU, REST API, MQTT cloud service, built-in WEB server
Modbus RTU Master mode for controlling remote Modbus RTU devices
Built-in algorithms for interaction and recalculation of values
Built-in real-time clock
Each relay has dry contacts and can commute up to 16A 250V. 6 relays have a group of C contacts (switching) and 2 relays - a group of A contacts (circuiting)
Installation in an electrical panel on a 6 DIN rail
Connection diagrams
Areas of application
Automation of buildings
Climate control management inside storage facilities
Automation of greenhouses
Climate monitoring inside server rooms and telecommunication containers
13 000 ₽
DRM88ER Internet controller
You have a project?
Submit your application, we will contact you and find a solution that is ideal for you.
Remote monitoring and microclimate control. Save 200% compared to imported devices.
Automatic maintenance of temperature and humidity.
Remote monitoring and microclimate control.
Automatic maintenance of temperature and humidity inside a telecommunication container (Altai Territory)
Project tasks
Automation and monitoring of climate inside a telecommunication container.
Automatic maintenance of temperature and humidity.
The project was implemented on a DRM88ER device
Operational analytics in the monitoring system ZABBIX.
Providing ideal operating conditions for expensive equipment. Extending the service life of telecommunication equipment. Reducing the number of visits for maintenance.
A working day in the office should be as comfortable and efficient as possible for both a manager and an ordinary employee. Installation of the automated system made it possible to make office life management more simple and convenient.
The project was implemented on a DRM88ER device
As a result of the optimization of lighting control, the consumption of electrical energy has been significantly reduced: the savings amounted to more than 30%
Automatic lighting control according to a scenario depending on a time of day
Saving lamps resource
Visual control and control on a touch screen tablet at reception
Office center 3,000 sq. m.
Standard and manual lighting control from conventional switches
Air conditioner control
Blinds control
Air temperature at different points
Air humidity
Soil moisture
Automatic maintenance of a microclimate, settings for automated functioning of agro-industrial and agricultural complexes. The well-being and productivity of animals and plants depend on the correct lighting, optimal temperatures, and humidity. The benefit of the owner of the greenhouse or chicken coop is that instead of the cost of labor, which will perform, in general, simple actions, reliable automation will do that work instead.
The project was implemented on a DRM88ER device
As a result of the introduction of a temperature monitoring and control system, the microclimate necessary for the productive growth of vegetables was set up, which can be monitored remotely from a smartphone or other device.
Providing comfortable conditions for the growth and productivity of plants.
Remote monitoring capability.
Control of
Automation of a greenhouse
Manufacturer's warranty
We are confident about our equipment and provide a 2-year full warranty for the DRM88ER IIoT controller. For more information about the provision of the warranty and occurrence of warranty cases, please call via tel. +7 (4872) 23-51-50 or contact us via email:
Payment is made on to the checking account according to the issued invoice.
When registering an order, we generate an invoice for payment and send it to you by e-mail
You pay for the delivery according to the specified invoice
After confirmation of receiving the invoice payment, we deliver you the goods. Delivery takes place to a "door" or terminal of a local transport company. We cooperate with CSE and Business Lines
Payment order:
You can find out the most detailed information about the terms of payment and delivery by phone +7 (4872) 23-51-50 or by email:


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DRM88ER Internet controller
Price: 13 000₽
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